Innovation Lab

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) subjects are important elements of a well-rounded elementary and middle school experience. Our Innovation Lab provides the Maker space for hands-on projects with wood, metal, cardboard, and plastic, and incorporates robotics, coding, digital design, and the use of a variety of computer software.

We are preparing students for jobs that don't exist in a world we cannot predict.

Woodworking has been one of the longstanding programs at Berkeley Hall that reinforces the head, heart, hands approach to balanced learning. Our Innovation lab still includes woodworking, but with the upgrades from band and scroll saws to laser cutters, students cut glass, plastic, and metal materials in addition to wood. This switch from hand to laser cutting not only improves safety and reduces human error, but increases the speed and efficiency with which students can navigate and repeat the design process with more materials.

In Innovation Lab classes, students have the chance to develop their manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination as well as discovering the satisfaction of transforming a raw material into a nicely polished form. Patience and persistence are also key skills honed during this process.⁠

Some parts of the program are geared toward discovery of core subject learning while others emphasize the refinement of crafting a utilitarian object into a work of creative expression.

Shield class, a special elective that continues a 69-year-old Berkeley Hall tradition, enlists eighth-graders in designing and building a class coat of arms and original motto. The finished shield joins its predecessors on the walls of Berkeley Hall’s Hodges Theater.  ⁠
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